Friday, 13 December 2013

Meet Freda

That's Freda, the donkey who together with her companion Felix is raising money for the Scottish Borders Donkey Sanctuary in Pentland Plants. She was a real sweetie although she never lifted her head properly for a portrait.
As soon as I spotted the donkeys I was lost and although some shopping was done in the garden centre (amaryllis and hyacinth bulbs) I spend most of my time stroking Freda and Felix! Not to mention trying to photograph them without catching the fence in the process.
This was the close-up I loved most. Just look at those gorgeous lashes! Frieda (with an i) would have loved to have some like these!
The garden centre was full to the brim with poinsettia in all shades of red and pink. I didn't buy any as these plants are never destined to live a long life in our cold house but I grabbed a picture!


Jewels said...

what a lovely thing to be able to do - she is a sweetie

Leslie said...

Donkeys are the sweetest things, aren't they? I have a friend who has a few and just love visiting them. I made a donation to the sanctuary.

Linda said...

I would have been desperate to take her home with me-she is darling!!


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