Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sky Fire

It's always a delight to be greeted by wonderful skies on the morning dog walk. And at the moment it's even more wonderful when such miracles happen on Sunday as that enables me to participate in my good friend Lenna's Sundayskies challenge on the Blipfoto site
And the show this morning was nothing short of spectacular. It looked like a fire had been lit on the far horizon, just behind the hills.
 As the dogs and I walked on the fire was extinguished slowly and blue sky took over tinged with gold.
And then as if on demand a plane appeared in the clear sky! 

What a fabulous way to begin a new day.

1 comment:

Crammel and Scrow said...

Wow - beautiful sky and photography. Hope it's like this on Wednesday when I am in the Borders.


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