Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Documented Life Project

Today, we're told, is the calm between two storms. And what a beautiful start Boxing Day had. It might have been my imagination but the sunrise already felt earlier and I almost missed the best of it during the dog walk. I sauntered up the lane a bit further just so I could capture it without those pesky power lines.
And on my return home I ventured into our own little wood at the top of the garden and tried capturing the magic effect of the sun through the evergreens. Not always successfully, it has to be said. To appreciate the effect you would have needed to be there.
I managed to finish another small quilt on Christmas Eve which gave a lovely sense of achievement (you'll see it later on next year) but there is still plenty left to do on my List!

I have also signed up for a new project in 2014, which is completely free, called The Documented Life. You can read more about it here and all you have to do to join is sign up for the Facebook and Flickr group. Of course the fact that this project is free doesn't mean I won't be spending any money! Not me, oh no!  I have already bought the recommended Moleskine planner and will sign up for a little mini class on how to start altering it as soon as it will be available (on the 1st Jan). As many people will be using washi tape to brighten up the planner (the Facebook group is full of fellow addicts!)  I stocked up my already considerable stash of tapes a bit more. And no doubt more money will be lavished on this planner over the course of 2014. All good fun though and just maybe it will entice me to finally art journal on a more regular basis instead of doing loads for a bit and then nothing at all for far longer. If you are interested, come along for the ride!


Terri said...

I hope the next storm is not too bad! I am glad you got out of the house and had a walk. I am sure the trees looked stunning with the sun steaming through.
Another new project? Wow! You are amazing! It looks like a really colorful and fun project.
It is a nice sunny day here...38/3 degrees so far. It should reach the 60s. One day it is cold and one day it is warm. Very odd weather.
Yay for you that you finished another quilt! I am looking forward to seeing it.
Terri said...

LOVE THIS! Thank you for sharing the love Frieda! I can't wait to document alongside of my overseas pal! xo Rae said...

Thanks for sharing the love Frieda! I can't wait to begin documenting alongside of my overseas pal! xo


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