Monday, 27 January 2014

Freedom returns

On Saturday my two Freedom journal quilts returned after their long tour abroad. At the time of sending them off on their travels back in October 2011 I couldn't use them for a blip picture as I had to keep them to myself till the first showing, so I'm making up for that today, now that they are back home. The two freedom quilts were made for the Textile Exhibition on the theme of Freedom organized by the German quilter Gudrun Heinz and you can read more about the tour on her website. I've written about the two quilts myself on a previous blog post here.

I don't recommend not looking at your own work for 3 years or more but in a way it's a salutary experience if it does happen, as you can see it with fresh eyes after such a long time. And although I might do things a bit differently now (which is just as well, as 3 years more experience have passed!) I'm still very happy with them, particularly the one shown above.

Here is where these two small pieces have been: Birmingham UK, Moscow Russia, Saint Petersburg Russia, Murmansk Russia, Praque Czech Republic, Einbeck Germany, Solothurn Switzerland, Gruenstadt Germany, Almaty Kazakhstan (imagine that!), Lipezk Russia, Karlsruhe Germany, Bremen Germany, Salzwedel Germany and finally Bochum Germany.

Included in this list are countries where freedom is not yet a foregone conclusion and just maybe this exhibition of textile art on that theme has made some visitors think.

These little quilts have done a lot for me. They ended up on the Bernina calendar, lead to an interview with me in a German quilting magazine and were featured in the book Connected Cloth.

Another travelling exhibition is off on tour, this time on the theme of Boredom and  it has already been to exciting places, such as Murmansk. If you follow this link and look at the third picture from the top you will see one of my contributions to that tour at bottom right.


peggy gatto said...

It is beautiful
I love the textures and collage design!
I bet it is fun to re-look at all the details, we sometimes forget!

Trudi said...

Beautiful work Frieda - I love the combination of design and textures!!!

massofhair said...

Beautiful colours and love the beading. Your work is so intricate and beautiful :-) xxx

Pink Bicycle Girl said...

How wonderful having your art travelling! I love the stitching on this and the bead work is beautiful.

Terri said...

Gorgeous! I saw a bit of it on FB and hoped to see more!
What a unique chance to see your art with fresh eyes. That is valuable.
But to me, it looks totally over the top amazing. I love the stitching in "circles", the color and that stitch is just stunning. The fact that it has traveled so much and in areas where freedom is!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

huge congratulations, frieda. i would feel very proud if I were you. And there is so much of a feeling of freedom in this journal quilt I can see why it did so well for you and I am sure others too! xo


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