Sunday, 19 January 2014

Keep A Journal

I'm so pleased that The Documented Life Project has decided to publish their weekly themes on Saturday instead of Sunday. Due to the time difference I now find out around 6pm on Saturday what the theme is and that means I can work on it during Sunday morning which is usually my creative play time. I have promised myself not to spend too much time on this endeavour (I simply don't have it available!) and this way I have a time limit set for myself. Do it on Sunday or else!

Anyway the theme this week is: "Write a secret message and then paint over all but one key word"
I'm also using things I have already and there is a box in the studio with bits and pieces that I think might come in handy.  No one could have been more amazed than I was to discover the card with the Keep a Journal (yes, I know that's 3 words, but hey, I've always been a rebel!) message on it in that box. I think it came out of one of the journals I bought recently. I was going to take a picture of my shelf full of yet to be used journals but it would have been too shaming!

However the card was just the thing and so very (almost spookily) appropriate to put in the 2014 planner. The card was stark white so I took it and painted it with a variety of paints, including gold. I put a small frame over the words Keep a Journal (from Jennibellie) and then layered it up with a paint sample card, a vintage painted book page and the painted paper background and sewed around the edge of the card to hold everything together. I used black thread and also sewed around the little frame. Strips of a transparency and the edge of painted drawing paper were also stitched on as shown.
Finally I tipped in this piece with matching washi tape from the bottom. I'm hoping that by not tipping in continually from the side the journal will bear up better. Don't ask me to explain this, it's just a feeling I have. By the end of this year I will find out if I was right.


Terri said...

Oh my, you know I love your journal cover! The way you couched your revealed words is fab!
I don't know how you find the time to do all you do! And you do it all so beautifully!

Sheilasembroidery said...

A lovely idea and BTW thanks for the link to The YouTube video. I am making my own little journal using some papers I had ready instead of cards. Maybe though I will make a card cover to make it a little stronger.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I think this is simply brilliant Frieda! Love to see the lines of your brush from painting over -looks so great!

massofhair said...

Think you will be right about the tipin fairing better if added to the bottom of a page. This weeks prompt is quite a good one so open to interpretation and am glad you found something so appropriate :-) xxx

Bev Mayo said...

Very inspirational. It has made me want to go straight into the studio. Thans you for sharing


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