Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Self Portrait

The new week brought a new prompt for The Documented Life Project and it was to take a selfie. I like neither the word nor the concept if I'm honest, much preferring to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. But a challenge is just that so as soon as I read the word selfie I grabbed the camera and started shooting merrily away while still sitting behind my computer. Most of the results were immediately deleted but I did end up with a few that weren't too bad.

I went to my stash of painted papers (getting ever larger) and selected one I rather liked and which had a lot of gold and sparkle. I layered my portrait (printed out onto watercolour paper) with some painted vintage book page and one of Roben Marie Smith's Art Pop Cards. I sewed on the batik fabric as shown, then a piece of transparency with text that sort of related to how I was feeling, and put the self portrait on top. As you can see I sewed everything on. Why glue when you have a sewing machine!

I stamped on the words Free to be Me and coloured them in to tone with my outfit. I then tipped in the piece to my planner with washi tape. I'm tipping in as I go along specially to make it easier to sew on my finished pieces. It would be much harder to do this if the background was already attached to the planner. At the very last moment I came across the World Traveller piece in my bits and pieces drawer and it felt like it should be added, so I did so. I will however need to be careful with embellishing as the planner would become too thick to manage if I did this on every tip-in page. So no beads or buttons on these pages!



massofhair said...

Love your selfie page & the idea of adding sewing to your hournal. Fab inspiration:-) xxx

sheila 77 said...

What, no buttons or beads!
Interesting project you've started and I enjoyed reading the details of how you made this fascinating page, I can enjoy the finished piece all the more.

Terri said...

You look amazing! I am so glad to see your rare selfie! lol! You did a gorgeous job creating around it. What a cool project!


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