Monday, 6 January 2014

The Difference a Day makes

Today was the first time since before Christmas that I went anywhere apart from to the village. On the way the wind got up and the rain started but the sky also began to take on a drama of it's own.
These first two pictures were taken through a wet and not very clean car window (I wasn't driving!) and I rather like the spooky atmosphere it produced.
But for good photography purposes I eventually opened my window only to be blasted by rain so I had to retreat as far back as possible to save the lens from getting wet. The other challenge was to avoid including passing cars and lamp posts. But eventually I managed to time my shots better and I'm quite pleased with the results.
Specially this one!


Terri said...

OH so moody! I am glad you were able to photograph without mishap! It sounds like it was a challenge.
I hope today you get a day with at least a little sunshine.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I like the thought of you capturing your day that way and me following along through your photos . . . lovely connection :0)

massofhair said...

WOW that is one moody sky, fab pictures :-) x


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