Sunday, 16 February 2014

Add a flap to the flap

The challenge of adding a flap to our flap in The Documented Life Project might sound a bit mystifying to those not participating in it. But it's really quite simple. Every week we tip in a page (or flap) into the current week in our 2014 Moleskine journal and decorate it. This week we were asked to attach an additional flap to that original tip in page. 
I started off by making the large tip-in page for which I used what I call my stamping off sheet. When I'm using rubber stamps I always make a try-out stamp on a spare sheet of paper, just to test it's stamping okay and inked up properly. Eventually that stamped and overstamped page starts to look quite interesting. So I cut it to 5 x 8" (to fit the Moleskine journal) and coloured it in with watercolour pencil and used a waterbrush to activate the colours. 

I then found a lovely card shape with a vintage image from Collage Stuff on the back (on the underside and not visible above) and decorated the top side of the card (seen above) with a piece of my painted drop sheet (used underneath whenever I'm using acrylics and spray inks). I glued it onto the card and added a flower rub-on, an eye stamp and a left over cut ring which was stitched on.
I added additional embellishing with white and black pens. I'm pleased that yet again I'm sticking to my resolution not to spend too much time on this project and still come up with something I'm happy with, and even better that helps get rid of all those piles of stuff hanging around this house! It remains to be seen how well the planner will cope with all the additional pieces of paper added to it. I might have to reinforce my spine at some stage!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

at the time it started I could not fathom doing this project but I am so tempted . . . . your work is so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Sheilasembroidery said...

Fantastic Freida. I have lots of papers must do something mire with them!

theresa martin said...

This piece resonates with me. I love the color and vibrancy, and of course, the texture.

Deb Schaefer said...

Love your technique! I am taking the same tact of using what I have and not spending a lot of time. We are moving next month and we be on the road for a few months at least as we look for a new home in Maine, so I wan't have my whole stash with me soon. So it should prove interesting to see what I can create. Thanks for sharing your blog too.

Artist In Bloom said...

Beautiful page!!

Linda said...

This is just splendid Frieda-fantastic movement and colors! It's amazing how those spare papers add so much interest without too much additional work. Love it!


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