Monday, 17 February 2014

A bit of Spring Nonsense

I've started a new online class called Friendly Faces on the Journalgirl site, just to challenge myself to draw faces more regularly. Part of the class is a 30 day long daily prompt. The first one was: Draw Yourself. Just a quick sketch was what's wanted. So I did! And here I am. And just in case you're wondering about those red splatters, I drew myself on an already painted page in my sketchbook and loved the idea of having those red drips coming from my eyes. As I said in the title of this post just a bit of nonsense.

The dog walks yesterday and today were positively springlike. I didn't even need to wear a scarf or gloves. What a treat. Not many flowers have popped up outside yet apart from the snowdrops but inside there is a flower feast, what with the bulbs in pots such as the above tulip which is now fully out.
 And there is also my Valentine bouquet including this beautiful white rose.


theresa martin said...

I love the self portrait and the red drips give it a great edgy feeling.

Terri said...

Hello Frieda, your self portrait is fab! Yay for you beginning to draw faces! I love that you began with a page that already had paint on it. And I think your self portrait has a calm flow to it, like you!
I am so glad you have had some good weather to get out in.

massofhair said...

Love the self portrait Frieda, fab colours and loving the red droplets:-) x

Linda said...

wonderful self portrait Frieda! That sure would be a challenge for me to do a face each day...


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