Thursday, 6 February 2014

La Linea d'oro 2 Journal Quilt

A new Golden Line (Linea d'oro) little quilt has been made for February. As I explained in January I'm making these journal quilts for the Contemporary Quilt group and they have set the size at 8" square and also issued the challenge that each quilt should have a line going through it from side to side. In my case I made that line golden hence the name La Linea d'Oro.
I'm hoping to put all 12 together at the end of the year which is why the outside edge is finished with buttonhole stitching by hand. It also means I have to think not just of the composition of each one but also about how they will go together so I bit the bullet and made all 12 backgrounds already during January so that I know they will work together when the time comes.  Now I just have to do the stitching and embellishing during the months.

The quilt is machine pieced on a foundation of iron-on vilene, machine and hand quilted and hand embellished with sequins and beads. All the fabrics used were painted on a gelli-plate by me, using circular motifs and acrylic paint mixed in with fabric paint. These pieces are meant to be wall art so I'm not worried about the wash-ability of the fabrics.

I love taking the close-up pictures as they show all the different layers that were obtained during the gelli printing process. Already I am looking forward to how all these small pieces will look when put together into a large quilt. 


Linda said...

this is gorgeous Frieda!! Your printed fabrics are divine and I really love the composition of this quilt and all those wonderful sequins and beads.

Freespiral said...

This little quilt is really special, I just love the colours an dintricate details - well done


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