Friday, 7 February 2014


Our garden is a riot of snowdrops at the moment which is a real treat. Sadly they are adorned with raindrops; good for photography but not what we need. Scotland has been very lucky to escape all the flooding problems south of the borders but it has still been an incredible wet start to 2014. It was a shock to the system as last year had been much drier than normal. I have to watch it on the old railway path as a few days ago I put my booted foot down in a puddle (or so I thought) only for the water to come over the top of my wellies. Not a pleasant experience specially as the dog walk had only just started!
Hopefully all that rain will come to a stop sometime soon. On the plus side lots is getting done in the studio as it's hardly the weather to go for long walk or visit graveyards. Instead I visited Hobbycrafts and Waterstones in Kinnaird Park today where contrary to here at home the sun was merrily shining away. Having those two shops virtually next door to each other is a lethal combination! I was only looking for some storage solutions (apart from the obvious one: stop buying!) but of course that's not all I came home with.


Terri said...

Hello Frieda,
Your snowdrops look lovely! Raindrops do make for an interesting image, but I hear you about the rain. We have had plenty too! I hope that somehow the winds shift and you find yourself bathed in sunshine soon : )

Linda said...

Oh I do love your snowdrops Frieda- I only wish I had the same kind of snow drops in my yard.


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