Saturday, 22 February 2014

Timeless Stencil Play

I have received my February delivery of the Stencilgirl Club and they were just as gorgeous as the January ones. One in particular, the smallest stencil, attracted my attention and I immediately wanted to play with it. And guess what I came up with? A very quilt-like design in my sketchbook, surprise, surprise.

I divided the A4 page into more or less equal parts using diamond patterned narrow washi tape and painted the resulting rectangles with craft acrylics. Once dry I stencilled the seed head shape on top, again using the acrylics.
That looked quite good but not quite finished. The next step was stamping the words at the top of each rectangle.
Still not completely done in my opinion and suddenly my vintage postage stamp collection came to mind. I found a collection of Indian stamps with the same design but different colours and hey-ho, that did the trick!


Mary C. Nasser said...

Oh my gosh!
This is so absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Jessica Sporn said...

Really lovely colors and composition. I love what you did here!

TheaM said...

oh what a lovely page....
beautiful colors playing in cooperation.
love your concept with the tiny stencil.

Sandra L. said...

I have a lot of stamps, but not a whole bunch in different colors. Oh how I wish I did!

Love the various rubber stamp fonts, too. Are they different sets, I presume?


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