Friday, 21 February 2014

Little Landscapes Journal Quilts

I spend today at the Spring Quilt Show at Ingliston, near Edinburgh and that gave me a chance to see my two journal quilts (A4 size) travelling with the Little Pictures journal quilt challenge. I did something a bit (make that a lot!) stupid. I photographed these two pieces when they were done back in 2013 but forgot to add them to my computer. Then at some stage last year my camera card was reaching the top of it's capacity and in a rash moment I deleted all pictures from it, including the pictures of these two JQs. Oh well, it had to happen one time, I guess, and fortunately I had the chance to photograph them again today. They weren't in the best position for photography purposes as they were tucked into a corner (hence the slant) and the light wasn't wonderful either. I promise that when they return home sometime in May or June I will show them to you again in a better light.
In the meantime the one above is called That Sun is Life and it was inspired by a summer sunset I witnessed last summer on the road between Innerleithen and Peebles. It's couched with yarn and includes the photograph I took at the time printed onto fabric.
And this one, called The Shadow of a Mountain features one of my photographs taken during a snowy winter, of the Pentland Hills. It was good to see them again and finally get rid of the anxiety of having work out there in the big wide world that hadn't been photographed yet and stored in the external hard drive. You never know what can happen. This past 16th February was the 8th anniversary of the theft of my Blue Waves quilt which fortunately I had photographed extensively before it vanished into the depths of the Turin environments!  The whole story, or rather as much of it as I know, can be found here.

More about these two when they return to base and I have full confidence in Grosvenor to get them back!


massofhair said...

Never seen journal quilts like these before Frieda, i love they are A4 sized. Off to do some research into them.

Glad you enjoyed your day out:-) x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

These 2 little quilts remind me of the beautiful journal quilt you made for me Frieda, on my birthday last year. Mine does not have the same fuzzy threads as these do, but it does have much the same the same wavy, watery, river like lines. I cherish mine! xoxox


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