Saturday, 1 March 2014

Gelli Print Junk Journal

I have been attempting in the last few days or so to create some order out of the chaos of my studio (don't laugh!). It's not easy as all I seem to be doing is moving the mess from one place to another but in the process I'm making some lovely discoveries of goodie bags bought some time ago and mislaid under other things. I've also found some finished projects that were laid aside for future blip posts and then forgotten about. This is one such project completed at the end of December last year. It was done following the instructions in an online class by Samie Kira Harding, better known as the Journal Girl. It concentrated on gelli plate printing and I had a lot of fun doing that. I enjoyed the fact that we were then told how to put all those printed pages together in a journal which ended up having a very colourful mix of different sized pages.
 This is the front cover, using a leaf stemcil.
And here you can see part of the innovative binding technique. No instructions from me here. You will have to sign up for the class instead. But I love how this worked and can see myself using it for future journals.
I have already started to do some journalling on the pages and I usually keep those to myself. If I have to start censoring myself in what I write in my journal because other people are going to read it I lose the freedom that is essential for art journalling. But some pages have no writing yet but I have add some imagery (Venice, what a surprise!) as well as a little piece of the lace background left over from those ATCs I showed you a few days ago.
 And here is another spread I have started and you can also see that the pages in this journal vary in size.
It includes deli paper which in this case has a circle gellied (is that even a verb?) on to it. Because deli paper is very transparent you can see the pattern on the page below it through the paper.
And this is the last page spread with another view of that great binding.

Highly recommend this online class, called Gelli Print Junk Journal. It's lots of fun with very clear and easy to follow instructions and you end up with a lovely end product. What's not to like!


massofhair said...

Fab looking journal, some great pages in there:-)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I'm looking that class up, I love what you did Frieda!! A+

Sheilasembroidery said...

I've already started saving up brown paper bags to make a junk journal. When I think I have enough and I can clear a bit of space I'll make a start.


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