Sunday, 2 March 2014

I Am My Art

The day started very promising, which made the dog walk a delight but sadly it deteriorated rapidly after that and it's now raining. Not a day to go out and admire snowdrops which had been the plan. Instead I concentrated on making the next page (week 10 already) for The Documented Life Project. Our mission for this week is: "Make a list of the things that make you YOU".
I'm defined (at least to myself) mainly by my art and this page makes that perfectly clear. I started by printing one of my journal quilts onto water colour paper and cutting that to a size to fit my 2014 Moleskine planner I used it for the background. I then instigated a search for as many different labels as I could lay my hands on and stuck them to the page and started to write down all the other things that define me. I couldn't help putting myself on the page too (albeit in a much younger version). As you can see I didn't define myself in relation to other human beings. I've never understood why people tend to refer to themselves in that way. We are, in the end, all individuals.
I added the stamp of my most often used tool, the sewing machine and as the page had started to look quite happy and cheerful added some butterflies and flower shapes. Then I stamped on the words I Am My Art.
I used watercolour oil pastels to outline the various labels, sprayed the page with a copper coloured mister (so it sparkles away but sadly not on the pictures) and added some yarn at the side. On the reverse of this page I added a postcard from my last exhibition, also stamped with the same words I Am My Art. Now I will have to spend the coming week longingly staring at my younger self. Wouldn't it be lovely to turn that clock back as long as I could take my accumulated wisdom (such as it is!) with me. Or perhaps not!


Dawn said...

Very nice page, Frieda! I am still working on my page. Inspiring prompt this week and very interesting to see how everyone approached it!
Have a good week!

massofhair said...

This weeks prompt is a difficult one for me, glad you have made your page so colourful & added a photo of yourself, speaks volumes:-) xxx


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