Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I wandered around the wet garden this morning trying to find the first flowering daffodil. Sadly there were none to be found although it won't be long now. Instead I spotted this hellebore and managed to take a macro of its centre without covering myself or the camera in mud.

After that the day deteriorated rapidly. Right in the middle of working on a Blurb book I suddenly couldn't enter any text because, surprise, surprise, our internet once again expired. It stayed off all day till around 4pm. More BT (British Telecom) engineers have been called out, hopefully to arrive tomorrow. No coffees or teas will be served (at least not by me!).


1 comment:

theresa martin said...

I love the hellebore photo. Ours are not nearly ready to bloom yet. Boo about the internet, fingers crossed for you to get it going well again.


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