Thursday, 6 March 2014

La Linea d'oro 3 Journal Quilt

It's time to show you the third Golden Line (La Linea d'oro) Journal Quilt sized 8" square and made for the series of Journal Quilts this year featuring a golden line. The line was part of the requirement of the Contemporary Quilt Group  (although the choice of gold was mine) as was the size.
I made all the backgrounds for the 12 I'm making (one for every month this year) in one go, using fabrics I had painted using my gelli plate and a huge variety of circular stencils. If I was in any doubt how much I love circles I only have to count just how many of such stencils I possess and still whenever I see a new one appear on the market they prove impossible to resist. The fabrics were then patched onto an iron on interfacing and machine appliquéd. I then cut pieces to the 8" square size, layered them with wadding and machine stitched over the previous appliqué lines. The rest of the quilting is done by hand as you can see above.
After that I ran riot with the sequin embellishments. It was about time I started using that collection too and I'm making a definitely dent in it. Hopefully the sequins will last till the final quilt in this sequence has been made.

I'll let you in on a little secret: I am in the process of making all these quilts and have reached no. 8 so far. The reason why I'm doing this is that I hope to put them all together into one large quilt and for the design sense of cohesion it's better to make them in one big go so I can keep my eye not just on how each individual quilt looks but also on the bigger picture of how they will all form one piece eventually.

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Sheilasembroidery said...

This will make a fantastic big quilt. The small ones are so beautiful. I know what you mean about cohesion. When I do my small ATC's and postcards I always make a series. Even though each one is different they could all go together and look good. I am also developing one set into fabric so I will have have ATC's, postcards and small fabric canvases that work together. Keep on inspiring me Frieda. I'll never be able to produce as beautifully and prolifically as you do but I will strive.


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