Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Gelli Play

When stressed, take out a gelli plate, some stencils and acrylic paints and play! However it's probably not the best idea to do this on a day when you're giving a talk in the evening. I am contemplating my hands at the moment and trying to figure out how I'm going to make them presentable in time for tonight when I will be talking about my Sketchbook Challenge inspired Journal Quilts to the Tweeddale Quilters in Peebles, at the Leckie Memorial hall, at 7.30 pm in a presentation entitled: Let's Journal. Pop in if you're in the area.

By that time I should have a better idea of how to remove acrylic and spray paint from my fingers. I think Swarfega is called for. I first came across that industrial product, when at sea with John. It removes oil from anything and shouldn't really be used on your skin but hey, it works and that's what I need just now.


Linda said...

really lovely colors and layers frieda! But I do know what you mean about the timing of playing with inks and paints :)Hope your talk went splendidly!

peggy gatto said...

Wow!!! Isn't it fun!
I justtook a workshop from albie smith
messy but worth it!!!

Peneller said...

Try hand gel! Not only does it help get the paint off your hands, it also cleans unwanted paint off the Geli plate!

Terri said...

Hello Frieda,
I hope your talk went well. I am sure your painted fingers would only add the air of authenticity to your talk! lol! You are an artist, you can't be bothered! lol!
Love your art work here! So colorful! I haven't tried this plate thingy yet myself...but it sure looks fun!

Win Dinn said...

Delicious layering (artwork, not necessarily fingers!).

Sheilasembroidery said...

I remember DH using Swarfega on his hands after working on the car - in the days when men did things with their cars

Anonymous said...



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