Friday, 21 March 2014


John brought me back a pot of lavender yesterday as he knows how much I love this plant and it's wonderful scent. Sadly we can't grow this in the garden as it's simply too wet and cold here. We've given it a try several times but after flowering in the summer we've lost the plants during the winter. So this one will stay in it's lovely little bucket, When the weather warms up and any chance of night frosts has gone it will be moved outside and by the end of the summer it will be put back inside and we'll see if it goes through the winter like that!
Isn't is a beauty? So much detail in every flower and then there is that heavenly aroma!

There will be art coming soon here and I even have a list of pieces to upload. It's just that these past few weeks have sapped my energy, and writing thoughtful blog posts while sitting in my car and using an iPad is not conducive to good communicating or even coherent thought. We haven't heard if our line is now properly fixed although the broadband is back for the moment. As a result of all the upsets I have also developed a habit of blogging and blipping first thing in the morning just in case it goes off again and I need to wean myself of that as I'm missing out on posting all the pictures I take during the rest of the day, which is a bit mad. Hopefully we will get a full report from our service provider with good news, fingers crossed, and things will return to how they used to be.


Linda said...

How I love the scent of lavender too Frieda! We have a lavender bush just outside the front door-and although it isn't as prolific with blooms as it should be I just love running my fingers over a sprig each time I pass it:) Fingers crossed that your broadband problem is resolved.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

hoping it all is sorted for you soon. Your lavender bucket is gorgeous!


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