Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Full of the joys of spring.

A crocus it will have to be today. It's a lovely sunny day but my mood doesn't quite match it. Yesterday morning we had a working broadband, although one knocked off by incoming calls, and a clear as a bell telephone line. At the end of the day after having an engineer here from 8 till 7, we had no broadband and a dismal phone line. Not quite the result we had been hoping for.
We're waiting for the engineer to get back again this morning.
In the meantime I'm back at the lay-by (with a very peaceful outlook, it has to be said, (see above) to use my mobile broadband on the iPad. I'm beginning to find it all deeply depressing!

PS at 5.30pm: Notice the change of title. Our broadband is back! No word from the engineer yet but we suddenly noticed the steady green wifi lights back at around 4.30 pm.

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