Thursday, 13 March 2014

Happy Colours for Happy Times

The sunshine outside might have deserted us today but it was nevertheless a much better day in all respects than the previous two or three. Finally someone saw sense in BT and transferred us kit and caboodle to an entirely new spare line. I had suspected that our internet etc. problems were related to many upheavals we've had in the past regarding our phone line and indeed the engineer seems to agree that our line has been a dud from the start. It might have taken 3 days of non stop work (I'm amazing at the long days these poor engineers seem to make) but being on a new line hopefully means we have seen the end of the troubles. Both photo and internet are operational and phone calls in don't disrupt the internet flow. Hallelujah!

As if that wasn't enough reason to celebrate I had a lovely lunch out with a friend. Living in the country is a joy but it does mean living a quite isolated life style which most of the time suits me fine but it's a treat indeed to meet up and have an outing with a real as opposed to an online person! Specially when real, tasty food is also involved (organic too!).

And as you can see the first spring flowers have now started to appear in the garden. This primrose combines two of my most favourite colours and they make for a very happy combination.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

sounds like a reason to celebrate, Frieda! So glad you persisted re the broadband line. And I don't live so far in the country like you do, but sometimes spend a lot of time alone. When I go and socialize with a friend or two it is always a welcome and needed time. So glad you met for lunch!


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