Friday, 14 March 2014

You Leave Me Cold Journal Quilt

It's been an eventful few days that I could have easily done without, specially as no work was done, which in my book counts as days wasted. But normality has returned and it 's beyond time to share the journal quilt I made for the March theme on the Sketchbook Challenge site which was: Warm and Cool. As luck would have it I was giving a talk shortly after the theme was announced to the Tweeddale Quilters and as I was talking about one of my previous Journal Quilts, called Highly Prized, and made in January 2011 I had a good look at it myself too and decided that I was rather taken by the technique of making a background with snippets of fabric on a background, using Mistyfuse. So the decision was made to use it again (at least it's legal to plagiarize your own work!). I divided the piece (10" square) in half and one side became cold and the other warm. 

Still in the spirit of borrowing inspiration from myself I thought back about a page I made in my own sketchbook not too long ago (you can see it here) using silhouetting. That too I had rather enjoyed so why not do that again too! I used black fabric and Bondaweb (WonderUnder in US speak) and applied the two silhouettes facing away from each other. I adorned them with hand stitiching and gave them each a necklace in their warm and cool colours respectively. And of course they needed warm and cool eyes too.  

These were found in magazine advertisements and scanned into the computer and then printed out onto fabric, adhered with Bondaweb and beaded. While working on the piece the title suddenly popped into my head (as often happens): "You leave me cold". I could of course also have gone for: "You're a hottie" but I liked the cold version better. 


theresa martin said...

Love this Frieda. The technique is lovely too.

Linda said...

bold and beautiful Frieda!!


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