Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Explore Life Flexagon Book

Before I continue to tell you all about this fun hand-made book I just want to mention that our broadband problems continue, so if I should drop off the radar that will be why. I am sick to death of it all but I don't need to bore you with the details. However if you have experience with satellite broadband do let me know what you think about it as this might be the way we need to  go.

On to much more cheerful topics such as this project which I started after watching this video by Kiala Givehand, Kiala did a weekly Book-in-A-Day project last year and she is continuing with it this year although now she is merely making one book a month although she still makes it in one day. Usually she simply shares the project on YouTube but for this book she gives more explicit instructions in a separate video that you can find here.
This type of book is called a Flexagon because it can flex it's book muscles in that you can fold this book in and out of itself. Hard to explain what that means in photos but if you watch Kiala's videos it all becomes a lot clearer.
You can sort of see how it works in the above picture. 

As luck would have it Kiala talks about using a sheet from a book by Mary Nasser called Make Map Art; creatively illustrate your world,  and it is a book that I too had recently bought, as I'm a real map addict. So I tore out one sheet and used that to make the book, starting off by spray painting it and using stencils all available from the StencilGirl. I used some of the same stencils that Kiala did and some other ones (such as the House ones by Jamie Fingal) depending on what I already had here at home. I love that house stencil so use it at every available opportunity.
I also added my own text  from rub-on sheets and all appropriate to the title I had given my book: Explore Life
It's a good thing to remind yourself on bad days that life is still an exciting adventure that needs to be explored before time runs out.


Jewels said...

This is wonderful Frieda - will go and check out the videos....and I love that house stamp too!

Linda said...

what a unique book Frieda-great color choices!

massofhair said...

Fabulous looking project.

Thanks for the link:-) x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

awesome Frieda, I am going to look at the videos. So appreciate your artistry and the way you use your art to help you through sticky things like broadband issues!!!! xoxo

Mary C. Nasser said...

Amazing Frieda!
Love what you've done!
Great layers and incorporation of text! Love seeing my stencil in there, too! :)

Jamie Fingal said...

Love your book, and that you used my house stencils! Whoohoo! What a great piece! Thanks for sharing!


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