Monday, 14 April 2014

In Fine Style

In Fine Style was both the name of the exhibition I visited with a friend this morning as well as a description of the whole experience. This show about the art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion is on in The Queen's Gallery at the Palace of Holyrood House in Edinburgh, so quite a regal and fine venue. We were also SO very lucky with the weather. After days of rain and wind today felt like a gorgeous summer day which enabled us to have lunch outside in the Queen's courtyard coffee shop. What a treat.

The show will be on till the 20th July and if you are in any way interested in historical embroidery and costume you don't want to miss it! I love how visiting exhibitions in this day and age has become a multi media experience. The audio with this exhibition is superb, giving detailed information about the works exhibited as well as music to match. Also this show is quite compact. There are just enough exhibits to make it fascinating but not too many to take it all in. Before I met my friend I took the opportunity for some photography around the palace, such as the lions standing on top of the palace gates.

And this rampant lion looms over the sky line of Edinburgh on the doors to the gallery. The sculpture was made by Jill Watson (

More lovely detail on the entrance pillars, including the Scottish thistle.

And here details in the foreground of our Scottish Parliament with the flags flying while in the background you might just discern some tiny human figures at the top of Arthur's Seat (that's the rock in the distance).

This day was a gift. We enjoyed the exhibition and we then had a lovely lunch and lively discussions about embroidery, quilting and life. Just a perfect day. I'm now off to spend some more time in the sunshine, this time in our garden.



Lenna Young Andrews said...

sounds like a wonderful day and such finery to look at. Glad you had this outing!!

Linda said...

What an all around wonderful day you had Frieda. I would love to be able to see the exhibition. Glad the weather cooperated for you.


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