Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring in my Step

Here is one of the daffodils dancing in our garden.

I feel like joining her in a merry dance. Today we had our satellite broadband installed and we are now reaching dizzying download speeds of 16Mb (compared to 1/2 Mb on our telephone one). What shall I do with it all! And what a pleasure it will be to watch videos play uninterruptedly. We will keep two systems up and running just now as to start with we have only 10Gb allowance on the satellite system and what with my online classes I would soon reach that. In fact I use about 25Gb a month. Quite shameful really, but such good fun and as I tell myself regularly learning is laudable!

But at least it will mean one of our systems should be up at any given time and I should be connected to the wide world one way or another! Oh the joy of it.

1 comment:

theresa martin said...

Wonderful speed! have fun :)


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