Thursday, 10 April 2014

Polka Dots Journal Quilt

The April theme on the Sketchbook Challenge site is: Polka Dots. Hurrah! I have a huge collection of polka dot themed fabrics (used to make a very large quilt from years back) so I grabbed them for starters. I then simply put Polka Dots into my search engine and the quotation: " Polka Dots are a way to Infinity" rolled out. It comes from the Japanese artist and writer Yayoi Kusama who shares my love for all things circular and dotty. It was the words themselves I wanted to use and I have recently acquired the perfect tool to do so, the Brother Scan'nCut. This machine cuts Bondawebbed fabric perfectly and I used the in-built alphabets to produce the letters from all my different polka dot fabrics.

A black dotty fabric was used for the background and machine quilted in a grid patterns which was then used to position the letters where I wanted them.

The final dotty addition were the size 11 seed beads sewn along the yellow dotted binding fabric and the flower buttons sprinkled over the piece. I'm quite taken with my ode to dottiness.

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