Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Virgin Marriage

I had sort of forgotten about the other projects I made using Craft Attitude so here is one of them with a step by step tutorial about how to make it. I've used one of my most favourite vintage images on this piece dating from the 19th Century,  and that you may have seen before in my work here and here  

The Virgin Marriage

1. On a background of muslin (that's calico in the UK) put a layer of Mistyfuse, and lay on strips of different laces. When the background is covered and using an ironing sheet iron down the layers and adhere the laces.
2. Layer this piece with batting (wadding in UK speak) and a backing fabric.
3. Machine quilt in a grid pattern.

4. With a soft paint roller apply white emulsion paint to the whole surface of the piece. Let dry.

5. Using fabric paint spray and a variety of leaf stencils add pattern. Let dry.
6. Print vintage image (I used my own, called Type of Beauty, from The Graphic, 1883) on Craft Attitude. Run through Xyron machine (Xyron Creatopia) with a fabric glue cartridge (making sure the glossy side of Craft Attitude is down!). You could also use Mistyfuse again for this step but be very careful and use an ironing sheet so the Craft Attitude doesn't melt)  Apply to the background area made above and cut that background area back to ¼” all around the image.
7. Hand stitch and bead the major lines in your design as shown. Add embellishment in the shape of  vintage velvet leaves (from LostArtCreation), vintage button and vintage text. The text reads: "LADY: thou wilt wed me; clothed in white".
8. Cut out a piece of background fabric (brown in my case) about 1.1/2” larger on all sides from your image piece. Layer with batting and backing fabric and machine quilt in straight lines. Sew on binding of your choice.

9. Applique the original piece with the vintage image onto this background piece, using hand done buttonhole stitch and a variegated thread.
10. Add size 11 seed beads in matching colours around the buttonhole stitch and the binding. Sew on vintage buttons and text as shown. Add 3 lines of hand running stitch on the left.
11. Add hanging sleeve to the back and enjoy!

Posted at the crack of dawn in my nightie, while we have a connection to the world wide web!


.Trudi Sissons said...

Beautiful work Frieda! You always inspire me to want to create with fabric and stitching.

peggy gatto said...

I so envy your skill with fabric, your attention to details makes your art so exceptional!


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