Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bright and Beautiful

We're experiencing a spot of beautiful, warm and sunny weather accompanied by some spectacular sunsets here in the Scottish Borders.
 The pictures above show the one last night.
And today too  looks to be a real treat so I took out the camera and had another wander through the garden. There are new treasures to be discovered almost every day and the best thing as far as I'm concerned is that the roses have started to appear, the first one being Zephirine Drouhin seen above and with a gorgeous scent.
 The hanging baskets have started to fill out and on a sunny day also produce lovely shadows on the wall.
 At the moment however it's the lupins that steal the show!


Linda K said...

your posta always make me happy Frieda. That sunset is stunning!

Linda K said...

your posts always make me happy Frieda. That sunset is stunning, and who doesn't love flowers and their beautiful colors...


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