Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Season of Reflection

Week 28 has arrived and The Documented Life Project is keeping us on track this week with the task of: adding an Instagram or other tiny photo to our page. As some of you already know I am on Instagram and love printing those pictures using Printagram. In fact, I think I got to know about Printagram via Roben Marie Smith, one of the organizers of The Documented Life Project. This American company (who don't pay me to sing their praises. I wish!) prints all sorts of delectable goodies using your Instagram feed. For my page this week I used their miniprints which measure 8.5 x 5cm with the picture in the centre as you can see above.
I layered it up with gelli printed deli paper and  stitched this onto a gelli plate printed background and adhered it both with stitching (what else!) and with washi tape. For that I had to get out my ever growing collection of tapes and decided to use it some more and both the filmstrip at the left and the pointing fingers are washi tapes too.
I then did some outlining of the leaves which were achieved with a stencil on the gelli plate, using a blue water colour pen. The final addition was the vintage text that reads: "in a season of reflection".

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