Monday, 7 July 2014

Walking in Dawyck

I met up with a friend who is a volunteer guide in Dawyck Botanical Gardens and walked around the place. We were so lucky with the weather as it had been raining when I drove to the garden but once we walked the sun kept coming out and the light was lovely. Above is what remains after the blue poppies have flowered. These are the seed pods that ensure there will be more poppies next year.

The rhododendrons too have stopped flowering but the leaves are quite capable of putting on a good show of their own.

Sorry to say that I'm not sure what tree it is that produces these white beauties. And thanks to Sue Reno I now know it's a kind of cornus. Thanks, Sue!. I enjoyed seeing them.

These last two pictures are of the fruit of the monkeypuzzle tree and it was my companion who told me this is a female tree.


The seed is stored in these ball like shapes and when that eventually bursts more monkeypuzzle trees will be born!



Sue Reno said...

I always love your pictures. The white flowers are some variety of dogwood, probably a Kousa.

peggy gatto said...


Lenna Young Andrews said...

just catching up with this via feedblitz emails which I saved while traveling. I just love the photos you share from Dawyck Gardens. The Monkey puzzle tree is so interesting!!


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