Monday, 18 August 2014

I am not a Number

 Week 34 of 2014 has arrived and our task for The Documented Life Project was to: "fill the page with numbers that relate to your week". I used the first part of the challenge but completely ignored the second. Never mind, I ended up with a page I enjoyed making and that I'm happy with. I started with a bit of a problem. I didn't have much gelli plate painted paper left. And at the moment I have too much on to make more,  so instead I grabbed a lot of left over pieces and sewed them together till I had a piece large enough to fit my 2014 Moleskine planner (4.3/4 x 8").
The next step was to go to my mixed media stash and grab everything that had numbers on it or that I could use to make numbers such as a number punch. I found that I had a lot more numbers to play with than I hoped for. Some were number stamps, others number stickers and I also found some Tim Holtz rub-on number sheets which I liberally applied all over. Once I started putting on numbers I found it hard to stop and as a consequence the entire page is filled to the brim. I added outlines etc. with marker and watercolour pens.
While I was working I thought about numbers, and eventually came up with: "I'm not a number" . A saying from a television series (The Prisoner, made in the 60/s) going back in the mists of time. The full line reads: "I'm not a number, I'm a free man".

Amazing how the content is getting ever more relevant as the years have progressed.


Sue Marrazzo said...


Jewels said...

When I saw the title of you post I immediately recognized the reference Frieda LOL. Brilliant to sew your scraps together - love it....

Maggi said...

Love this result, loads of color! <3

allmixedup art said...

Great composition, and the colors are eye-catching...Lovely job!


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