Friday, 8 August 2014

Ode to Greenness in Dawyck

I had a lovely walk around Dawyck this morning with a friend. We started off by concentrating on cones and saw some fascinating models including half of one which had been sliced up by a mower. I brought it home with me so you might well get a glimpse of it one of these days. What caught our attention after that was the beautiful mix of different greens and all the different textures of leaves, trees and plants.
I did find a bit of colour in the form of these pink astilbes in the foreground and the orange ligularia behind which I thought made a lovely mix.
Green however was the colour du jour today. We were very lucky with our weather too. The sun peeked through the clouds at times and played on the leaves and on the landscape.
 This view is a favourite in the garden of the friend I was with and no wonder!
But walking on a bit from the previous picture I was stopped in my tracks by the view above and I liked that even better. I think this will become my blip for today.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

beautiful photos, Frieda . . . I just watched the video on their site. So lovely!


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