Saturday, 2 August 2014

Passioneyes 2

It was a month ago to the day that I uploaded the first part of my Passioneyes sketchbook and I promised at that time to come back with more soon. Well, it wasn't as soon as I had planned but here finally are three more pages, starting with the above "Where Beauty Begins". This sketchbook is my 6th one for the Sketchbook Project. The idea is that you register and pay,  and the Project sends you a 5 x 7" sketchbook. You can choose a theme when registering which for me was History Book. You then fill the sketchbook with whatever you like vaguely based on your theme. They aren't strict about this which is just as well as I left my theme far behind when I started work. So not just sketching is allowed but all kinds of other media. When you've filled your sketchbook you send it back to the Brooklyn Art Library where the project is based, and it becomes part of the library. If you have chosen the option of digitalizing your sketchbook (which costs extra) they do that on arrival and your sketchbook or books become part of the online presence of the Sketchbook Project. You can find all my contributions here.
Bright Eyes
The sketchbooks also go on tour and can be borrowed during that time too from the various venues they go to. This sketchbook will be on tour during the summer of 2015.

Check out my previous post for a detailed write-up of the techniques I used but I started by sticking to the history theme and making collages on all my spreads with vintage papers from a wide variety of vintage books. You can still see them quite well on the above page. I added acrylic paints to the  pages after the collaging.  I then used faces from Vogue magazine as a mask and added Silks Acrylic Glazes to the rest of the pages.
The final additions were the eyes and the titles of the spreads. These from the top are spreads 4, 5 and 6. One more spread will follow as well as the back of the sketchbook. Better not say when as I got it so wrong last time, but one of these days. I had to glue multiple pages of the sketchbook together to make a sturdy enough background for all that glueing and painting so I ended up with a total of 7 spreads plus the front and back cover.

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