Sunday, 3 August 2014

Return to Glen House

Common sense told us that going to visit a garden would be slightly mad considering the weather forecast but when has that ever stopped us?! Off we went, promising ourselves that if it was too bad we would seek shelter in a nearby 2nd hand book shop. I say we, but you might well have guessed that this was my suggestion. However it wasn't necessary because there were dry spells in between the downpours and by planning our tea break carefully we managed to be inside when the worst of the showers hit.
We visited Glen House and Estate two years ago on the 1st July 2012 and you can see those pictures here. At the time I was right in the middle of my 52 Journals project (exhibition coming up in Peebles very soon now, opening on the 23rd August. You can get all the info about that here) and two of the pictures I took at that time can be seen as journal quilts at that show). Here is the brief info about the estate.

The Glen along the Quair Water was probably already inhabited in the 13th Century  but what can be seen today was started in the mid 19th Century by the famous Scottish tycoon Sir Charles Tennant, including Glen House itself . It was designed by the architect David Bryce and finished in 1855. The Tennant family still own and live in the House. The gardens are more recent and evolved from early 20th Century designs by Robert Lorimer and are laid out on a series of shallow terraces overhanging the Quair Water.
"The imposing house, wild hills, lawns and borders are best taken as a whole - a unique and powerful vision of the romantic Scottish landscape".
But for me there is equal delight in the details such as these water lilies (you might have noticed I tend to take pictures of them wherever I find them). In this case the photograph also gives a good idea of the weather conditions.
You can climb quite high up for a unique view of the building.The garden is located over 700 ft above sea level, so not quite as high as we are (over 900 ft). 
Loved this little through view underneath one of the impressive stone stairs. We climbed them to get to the tea facilities.
Pink Monardas

As I mentioned before I just love the details such as this little fern that was growing merrily away in the wall of the courtyard.
Two impressive lions guard the entrance to the garden. Last time we were here it was impossible to capture this in a picture, without also featuring people as it was so busy. Due to the weather it was a lot quieter today so I took my chance.
And this was our last view of the house before going back to retrieve our car and drive home, through a massive downpour I might add! Despite the rain I'm so happy we went back to this magnificent place.


Deb said...

We visited Scotland 2 years ago and went to so many gorgeous gardens. Your pictures bring back great memories. LOVE the little fern growing in the crack.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

The gardens are beautiful and the Estate looks like a castle! :)


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