Thursday, 18 September 2014

Jupiter Artland visit with Lenna

Will we still be connected to the rest of the UK by tomorrow? We will soon find out. Somehow much of what we saw today had relevance for this particular day of the all important vote. Lenna and I got away from it all in Jupiter Artland . The above art is by Ian Hamilton Finlay.

Lenna enjoyed being inside this stone house art installation bt Andy Goldsworthy.
She also embraced one of the weeping girls by Laura Ford
I was attracted to the details in their footwear.
Will there be a titanic revolt today? I found the words in the Temple of Apollo by Ian Hamilton Finlay quite appropriate.
And of course I had to take a picture of my favourite art in the park which is Over Here by Shane Waltener.
This is not an art installation but some kind of fungus growing on a tree. It was as large as a plate.
The amethyst is part of The Light Pours Out Of Me by Anya Gallaccio.
Nature in Jupiter Artland is just as impressive as the art works.
Stone arc in among the Life Mounds by Charles Jencks(some of which Lenna and I climbed).
And this artwork is a recent addition this year. It's by Nathan Coley, and again seemed to be imbued by meaning for our Scottish Referendum.
And finally an update on the phone. We have had two engineers since I last updated this tale but alas, neither the phoneline nor the broadband is operational. This saga will sadly have to be continued.

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