Friday, 19 September 2014

Impressions of the day

Today Lenna and I visited both the American Impressionists exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel. Although it had been permitted to take photos during my previous visit to the Impressionists today we were told not to, so instead I pictured the ceiling of the coffee shop there and also the very colourful toilets as seen below.

After enjoying our time there we made our way to Rosslyn Chapel as I really wanted Lenna to see this iconic chapel with its astonishing carvings.

Many photographs were taken, although non inside as again this is not allowed. I vouched not to take too many pictures but could not resist a few!
Such as this Green Man!
And this magnificent entrance way.
We walked to Rosslyn Castle too with its stunning views of the environments.
And as we had to pass the graveyard on our way it seemed silly not to capture that too once again.
I apologize for keeping my words short and sharp. We have no broadband through our phone and both Lenna and I have to use the satellite connection, which has limited usage and might have to do me if the other one doesn't return in the near future. Another engineer might come tomorrow, fingers crossed, not that they seem to do much good.

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Linda Kunsman said...

I was away a few days so I'm just now catching up. What really magnificent places- so full of deep history and beauty. I'm sure you both had a great time taking LOTS of pics!


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