Monday, 22 September 2014

Splatters and Drips Page

I'm quite amazed that I managed to produce my page for The Documented Life Project this week. It helped that the theme this week (no. 39) was Splatters and Drips. And the fact that Lenna wanted to play in my painting shed yesterday was also an incentive to start spattering and dripping.

We played with my collection of gelli plates and above you can see Lenna having fun. I did the same and used a collection of stencils from the Stencilgirl Club on my gelli plate together with acrylic paints. Below are some of the results.

This morning I cut up one of the pages to the size of the Moleskine planner I'm using for The Documented Life Project (4.3/4" x 8"). I knew which one to cut up as it had to tone in with a marvellous quotation I discovered in one of the Sunday papers this weekend. It's from Lady GaGa and reads: "Just trying to change the world one sequin at a time". I couldn't have put it any better myself!

I then went to work with pens, markers and watercolour brushes to further adorn the page. I outlined some of the spatters I made. They were produced by using watered down Lumiere metallic paints. I also used some orange mica spray paints for the dripping part of the challenge as seen below.

I couldn't resist another quotation (from Shakespeare) close to my heart: "I'll give my jewels for a set of beads".

Sadly Lenna left this morning and we made our way to Edinburgh airport at 6am this morning. Her flight left just after 9am and she is now on her way on the British Airways shuttle to Gatwick airport where she has just over an hour to kill before her flight to Tampa, Florida leaves. She will arrive there late afternoon their time so a very long day for her. I will probably make my way to the 52 Journals exhibition later on today after I have woken up properly with the aid of a couple of double espressos!

Update on the phone/broadband: please don't phone our landline as the problems continue and so does the number of different engineers that visit us. Our broadband through the phone comes and goes at intermittent intervals but incoming calls tend to have a very detrimental effect. If you need me, please use e-mail and I will endeavour to get back to you, mostly on the same day!


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creativelenna said...

love this post, Frieda! I just added a blip about one of my gelli print pages I made with you & then put in my art journal today. :))))))))


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