Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Alongside Glencorse Reservoir

After last Saturday's excursion we were quite keen to return and see some more of Glencorse Reservoir. So this afternoon we set out on a more serious hike alongside the edge of the Reservoir and beyond. We didn't quite manage to reach the next Reservoir but no doubt we will catch it at some future date as there is a shorter route towards it starting at a different point from the road. It was a wonderful afternoon with more blue skies although there was a stiff breeze too.
 I also was on a mission to take more meaningful (to  me) pictures for my photography class.
 The autumn colours seem to be getting more stunning by the day. There are a few very isolated houses (sheep farms, I would guess) along this path which isn't accessible for vehicles apart from those that live and work in the hills. On the left hand side you can see the Pentland Hills continue into the distance.
I loved this little shed and wanted to get some of the sheep in too, but they were pretty intend on moving out of the frame!
 Some views just make you gasp in utter delight and this one did that for me!
 I'm pretty sure that the word fishers doesn't appear in the dictionary but the meaning is clear!
 Another stunning view!
 Here we are in fairly typical stance, with me holding the camera and taking the picture.The shadows are long at this time of year.
On our return the light was more diffused and I love that long line of trees on the diagonal.  We were meant to look at our past pictures for the photography class and see if we could discover a theme; something we return to regularly and take pictures of. Trees are my theme.
I know I took a picture of these little boats on Saturday too but I like the light in this one a lot better as well as the addition of that red buoy.

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