Tuesday, 14 October 2014

David Douglas and his red balloon

The weather this afternoon was unexpectedly lovely and sunny and we went to Dawyck with a special mission in mind i.e. to celebrate Blipfoto's 10th birthday this week. We are having a huge party by posting pictures featuring red balloons which Blip Central will tie together for us. I was sure that David Douglas (of Douglas fir fame) would want to join in the fun so we brought a red balloon with us and you can see him above holding it clasped between his arms while staring into the distance. We had a bit of a problem afterwards as John had tied the balloon up and couldn't untie it. He was not inclined to spend the rest of our walk hanging on to a red balloon and eventually managed to puncture it. It went out with a huge bang! We scarpered quickly from the scene.
So David will be my blip for today but he wasn't by any stretch of the imagination the best picture I took today. I was also taken pictures as part of my Photo Meditations course where this week it was time to put emotion into our pictures. As if it would be possible to take pictures in any other way! Every time I click the shutter I do so with intent and feeling. That might also be the reason why I repeat some images endlessly although of course each picture is completely unique in itself.
This little chapel always does it for me. Love how it is positioned at the end of a long grassy path going upwards and at this time of year it is also framed beautifully by the changing colours of the trees. It breathes an air of solitude.
Colour and texture are my main obsessions in making my art and of course that is reflected in my photographs too. That's why I love impressionistic leaf pictures.
And then there are the trees. Preferably bare and (very strange for someone as colour obsessed as I am) grey. They too speak to me of solitude, peace and tranquillity. I have entire albums full of pictures like these two above and below, and yet, each one is different and unique. No doubt I will add many more over the course of the rest of my life.
 The contrast between that luscious green bottom half and the greyscale top makes me feel serene.
I also love the way the light falls on the landscape above, putting the spotlight on Dawyck House in the distance.
And in the picture of fungi above, it's the shapes! Circles to be precise. Circles have been a leitmotiv in my work for many years now and I will never get bored of seeing them in art and the landscape.

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