Monday, 15 December 2014

Beautiful Skies

It was a bright although very cold day with a fluttering of snow added overnight. The skies over the last few days have been just fabulous and no excuses for trying to capture them every time I see such beauty. Most of the beauty is produced by nature but the human made vapour trails add to it.
 The Pentland Hills were looking their very best in the sunshine and look, more vapour trails.
 And here are a few more, heading straight into the sun.
When we got to the crossroads where we drive into our lane I requested a quick stop to capture this rural idyll. I don't mind the cold when the day looms so bright and full of light. All shopping has been done and cards mailed (I'm feeling super virtuous!) so now I can concentrate on stitching on some beads.

1 comment:

peggy gatto said...

thank you for the lovely land and sky scapes!
I think I love the "woolies" the best! Have a beautiful holiday!!


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