Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pointing in the Right Direction

We have almost reached the end of The Documented Life Project 2014 with week 51 in which our task was to add: Arrows. I only added one arrow but it is a big one. For the background I used a piece of gelli plate printed paper made when Lenna was here.

I then used a copy I made on watercolour paper of no. 30 of the 52 Journals, called Triangles (you can see it above and read about it on this blog post). It's now in a private collection (i.e. my mother is the new owner!). The piece I cut out was stitched onto the background, made into an arrow using paints, and outlined with a variety of markers.

I stamped and outlined the text: Pointing in the right direction.

The right direction being 2015 which is approaching with lightning speed. I will once again do The Documented Life Project 2015 but have not yet decided exactly in what shape or what planner if any I will use. The project organizers are using a Dylusions Journal which I have on standby but the disadvantage of this is that it would be hard to stitch on pages within a journal nor is gelli plate printing easy. I usually prefer to use separate pages and then tip them into a planner. Watch this space to see what I decide to do, but I had better start making that decision soon.


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Marina said...

Hace tiempo nos conocimos en intercambios ATC espero estes bien y te deseo unas Felices Fiestas recibe un fuerte abrazo Marina


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