Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Grim outside, cozy inside

If yesterday's dog walk was bleak, today's was grim. It resulted in  a complete change of clothes on my return home as I was utterly soaked. The wind raged against me and the snow hit me straight on. It has been wild here at Macbiehill and in fact still is. We briefly lost our electricity last night. It's back now but I'm doing this blog post and my blip now (10.00 am) just in case! And on a personal note , good luck to my mother. Hope all goes well!
While it's freezing outside inside it's all calm and tranquil. I did finish the appliqué phase of my latest quilt and you are getting a minuscule glimpse of it above. Just the colours make me feel warmer. All the fabrics were hand dyed by me a few weeks ago, with some dating back about 10 years also included. And the little squares (inchies) are parts from a wide variety of fabric paper collages.

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