Tuesday, 9 December 2014

It's bleak

And it isn't even midwinter! Ice was underfoot and it was still quite dark when I set off on the old railway line to walk the one dog that was eager for an outing. My greyhound girl snoozed on under the duvet cover while Rueben and I braved the elements. The wind was bitter and strong and on the return journey straight into my face. Very exhilarating but I was pleased to return to a warm home and to the prospect of spending the rest of the day in the studio.
The quilt I'm working on seems to have taken over and wants to be made NOW. I should be working on my last journal quilt for this year but the need to continue on this larger piece is stronger so I'm giving in, specially as I want to see what it will look like when it's done. There is nothing like an incentive to finish than the desire to see how something that until now only existed in my head looks like when it comes to  life under my fingers.

I have almost reached that stage even though there is still a lot of beading to be done. Hopefully today but definitely tomorrow the bones of the quilt will be done. Always exciting and I have to physically tell myself not to rush this process. When that's done I can take some time away from it and that will be the moment to fit in that journal quilt.  Sorry to mention this in the abstract and without a picture. I'm keeping that large piece of art under wraps here till it goes off to it's first show, which will now be in 2015. All exhibitions are done for this year!

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