Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It was a cold start

Everything was frozen this morning. From the seedheads to the chickens' water, the lock on the shed door and my fingers. The first truly cold morning of the coming winter has arrived. Time for winter coat, scarf and gloves before venturing out for the morning dog walk.
The camera came too because the morning was also filled with beautiful images. It was a pleasure to walk in the stillness of the foggy morning and see the first rays of sun peeking above the horizon.
I only had one dog with me as the greyhound is getting too old for wet and/or cold walks. She has had one too many infections to risk another one and only Rueben accompanied me on the old railway line. I think he found it as exhilarating as I did.

 And if you're wondering whether the greyhound minded, you can see the answer below!

1 comment:

Jewels said...

Lovely images Frieda - my little guy, though much younger, loves to be snuggling under the warm blankets this time of year also...


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