Thursday, 4 December 2014

La Linea d'oro 12 Journal Quilt

I've reached the last one in my series of monthly journal quilts sized 8 x 8" for the Contemporary Quilt Group. They set the size for the quilts and also demanded that we had a line running through each quilt from side to side. My line, as you probably know by now, is golden. And you are probably also aware that my background for each journal consists of a patchwork of gelli plate printed fabrics on a stabilizer background which I made way back in January. I cut each little 8 x 8" piece for the individual journal quilts from that large background and layered them with wadding and backing fabric. Machine satin stitch was used to secure the separate patches.
Then each journal quilt received either one large or three small circles appliquéd on top with hand done buttonhole stitch. In the case of this one it was a large circle as seen above.
 The gold line was also appliqued on and then where appropriate hand quilting was added. 

The final step was embellishment with sequins and beads as you can see above. All the La Linea d'oro quilts were finished with buttonhole stitch around the edges which will be used to put them all together and that will be my next step now that all 12 have been made.

It will have to wait till I have finished the quilt I'm presently working on,  but in the meantime I will try out different layouts and will show you my preferred one once I have made the final decision and then eventually (and I think that will be next year!) I will show you the finished quilt when all the stitching together by hand is done.

I have enjoyed making these although I will readily admit that once I started making the first one back in January I simply kept on going and all of them were finished by March, which is not in the spirit of making a monthly journal quilt. But as soon as I had the idea of putting them together into one large piece it seemed a good idea for cohesion's sake to make them all in a short timespan.

There has been no announcement yet if the Contemporary Quilt Group will do another Journal Quilt challenge in 2015 nor have I decided whether I will participate should there be one. It sort of depends on what the guidelines would be. You'll have to wait and see!

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Linda Kunsman said...

the colors are wonderful and the intricate details are super Frieda!


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