Friday, 26 December 2014

It was the day after Christmas

I should have waited for the day to progress yesterday as I took many better and more interesting pictures after posting here on this blog. On the other hand there wouldn't have been time for writing blogs much so maybe it's just as well. I was rather pleased with my pictures though so I am showing them today. After the grey start Christmas day became increasingly brighter and when we sat down with our friends (and neighbours as they are less than 1/2 mile away) the sun was shining. The picture above was taken on our arrival and you can just about see our house in the far distance They are located that bit higher than we are  and a bit further along the lane, and have different and equally fantastic views all round.
 This was the view I had from their window while eating our Christmas meal.
We then moved to the sitting room where the panoramic views are at their best and the sunset last night was breathtaking. The view above was taken through the blinds which added extra interest. Soon afterwards they were opened and we all looked with amazement and awe at what nature offered us.

 What a beautiful way to end the Christmas celebrations.
Because of all those clear skies we had a frost this morning and I caught these grasses in all their iciness. This time however I'm going to wait to see what the rest of the day brings before deciding whether or not to blip this one.

On a sadder note it was just as well that we weren't far away as John dashed back every 2 hours or so to keep an eye on the greyhound who has caught some sort of stomach bug. We had her at the vet on Christmas Eve and she received an injection to stop her vomiting but she hasn't eaten anything since despite being tempted by scrambled egg, white fish and rice as well as sausages. We're trying again to make her eat something today but will be back at the vet tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed she'll start eating soon.

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Jewels said...

I sure hope your puppy is feeling better Frieda - what a worry and I know exactly how it feels. Lovely views for your Christmas dinner....


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