Monday, 19 January 2015

Embrace Colour Page

It's week three of the Documented Life Project 2015 (DLP15) and our art challenge this week was the colour wheel, and our journal prompt one of my most favourite quotations from theAmerican artist Georgia O'Keeffe: "I found I  could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way". My studio is riddled with colour wheels although ironically I never use them. My colour choices are always made instinctively. But any time you do any art courses either in real life or online a colour wheel comes with the package so I had plenty to choose from. I also wanted to include the shapes part of the quotation.
 Fortunatly the colourwheel already represents my favourite circle shape and I made the background with different squares of colour. The colour was added using Lyra Aquacolor Aquarell, which meant that I could colour in and then use a waterbrush to activate the colour. I added the quotation in my favourite colour (yellow) square. I wanted to add my own motto too and that is to always Embrace Colour!
The squares and the outside edge of the page were outlined with a gold pen. 

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