Tuesday, 20 January 2015


I missed the best of the sunrise this morning as it occurred when I was wrestling with opening up the frozen doors of the chicken residence while the hens were madly cackling away. That is to say I missed it as far as taking pictures was concerned. I did enjoy watching it using my eyes which automatically adjust to the light conditions and showed me the reds and oranges in all their glory. By the time Rueben and I were ready for our dog walk most of the reds had vanished from the sky but there was still a golden glow left.
It was cold, very icy although not quite as frozen as yesterday. Minus 5 instead of minus 7. I needed the grippers on my boots because the snow is now twice frozen and even more slippery. It feels like I'm hibernating and it explains why I'm getting so much done at the moment.
All good but I wouldn't mind a quick visit to the sales in Hobbycraft and picking up a reduced price calendar or two in Waterstone's bookshop. Hopefully I'll manage to escape at some time this week, weather permitting.

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peggy gatto said...

The sky looks like a sheet of ice!


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