Friday, 9 January 2015

Infinity Scarf

Why is that little ideas that seem like a lot of fun usually end up taking quite a bit of time? Not for the sewing part of it, I hasten to add, but for searching out stuff that you know you have but that persists in hiding from you. I was watching one of the videos available on subscription from Laura and Linda Kemshall's Design Matters TV about making an infinity scarf and remembered that I had some rayon material that would be just the thing.

After that extensive search I did eventually locate it but neither of the two pieces of batik rayon was long enough for the project so I sewed them together and then proceeded to follow the video instructions. I can testify that the sewing is very straightforward and simple and it literally took minutes to make the scarf. You can see it above. It's very easy to wear and I might well make a few more. I'm already looking around for more thin fabric to put to good use.

It was about time there was some sewing on show here but although you haven't seen it I have been sewing! You will see the results of those efforts before too much longer, I hope!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

wonderful and inspiring! Thank you for the link to design matters xo

Leslie said...

Excellent fabric to make a scarf from and it looks great on you. Infinity scarves are all the rage right now so you're totally *in* LOL. Might have to make one or two myself.

Linda Kunsman said...

lovely scarf -you look very fashionable !


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