Saturday, 10 January 2015

Life Book Tag and Jar

It seems very frivolous after the terrible way this year has started to indulge in much art play. On the other hand living our lives as normally as possible is the best defence to difficult times and the attempt by other people to disrupt life as it used to be. So I'm showing you the latest additions to my Life Book 2015 class consisting of a tag that incorporates my word for the year and a Happy Jar (it's called Awesome in the class but I prefer Happy). You can see them both above standing on the shelf in my studio.
Here is a close-up of both and you can see that the text on the tag reads: Courage is the Thing. Courage is my word for the year 2015.  Little did I know when I made this just how much humanity as a whole would need this, as well as I.
As I mentioned in an earlier post there will be no explanations for how things in the Life Book 2015 project were made. You pay for the class and then get wonderful instructions via video and PDFs so telling you here would infringe copyright. You can still sign up for yourself here and there is plenty of time to catch up. The next video will be uploaded on Monday and then every Monday this year.  I'll just add that the image I sewed onto the tag is a detail of the cover of my Documented Life 2014 planner. The arched entrance seemed symbolic for the start of a New Year. It was printed from one of my Instagram pictures by Printagram.
And here are some detailed pictures of the collaging I did on the glass jar into which I will be putting little slips of paper with notes about moments of happiness. And yes, the first one has been added. Now I will just have to remember to add more over the year so that I can open the jar on New Year's Eve and read all about my happiness moments over the year. Hopefully it will be full by then.
I sometimes suspect I'm too cynical for these kind of activities so I have decided to give this a real chance this year and be conscientious about adding notes


Lenna Young Andrews said...

what a wonderful idea! I think just trying to remember a happy moment, writing it down & adding it to the jar will make a big difference. Here is hoping for many happy moments, I know they will help balance any sad or discouraging ones. xoxox

Marie said...

Oh gosh, your line about feeling too cynical was an instant 'aha' moment for me. I've had no stitching mojo for months and months but I couldn't figure it out because I still love reading blogs and seeing what everyone is up to, and I still love pulling out my fabrics and planning quilts in my sketchbooks. I've been very cynical overall the past few years, due to various experiences/events. I want to overcome that feeling. I've been unproductive in so many areas of my life because of that 'what's the point?' feeling. Anyway, your post today really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing this project and your thoughts.

Leslie said...

The happy moments in a jar is a good idea, cause it's so easy to forget the good stuff when you're weighed down by the not-so-good and the downright bad times. Love the tag.

Judith Hamilton said...

Have seen the 365 days happy concept and done the 5 days 3 things - this seems like a good way to really extend that - I do blip already which is how I found this! Experiences and basically life over the years, and my life since I gave up work in sept 2014 and my friends cancer diagnosis, has all really made me evaluate how I live, how I perceive the world and the being of "happy". Thank you for giving me another beautiful means of recognising and crystallising this. Judith ( madchickenwoman!)


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